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About Me

I am a formally trained engineer and material scientist,very mechanically inclined with a strong understanding and love for designing and then building prototypes. I see myself as a creative engineer with resourceful knowledge of off-the-shelf solutions, and the capability to research, design, and build custom solutions.

I am quick, efficient, and cost effective. 

My background is in advanced structures and materials engineering. My graduate studies included researching carbon nanotube composites for structural applications and in situ sensing platforms. My research allowed me to employ my skills in composite manufacturing, rapid prototyping, and tooling. My former group is developing macroscopic composite products using these nanoscopic raw materials; which requires designing and building custom manufacturing tools and templates as well as precision robotics so that we can finely control these almost invisible nanotubes. I was the research engineer in charge of having intimate knowledge of how these materials behave and developing the "micro-factory" which aims to improve the state of the art for producing advanced carbon nanotube composites.

My more general background includes stress analysis in both isotropic materials as well as composites. I have a working knowledge of Hypersizer and Ansys and am very capable of learning new CAD software. I greatly enjoy working with my hands to create prototypes, molds, and other tools. I would say my greatest benefit is that I am both formally trained in aerospace and mechanical engineering, but  I am also very mechanically inclined which allows me to understand how things work and are made in practical settings. I am very capable in the machine shop and enjoy machining the prototypes that I have designed myself.

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