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Conceptual Aircraft Design Internship at Nextgen Aeronautics [2008]

Unfortunately, most aspects of this project are still proprietary information belonging solely to Nextgen. In general, the project involves an SBIR Air Force grant to develop a UAV that can maintain station keeping at 60,000 feet for at least two weeks. The internship entailed preliminary aircraft sizing and estimation/calculation of design criterion. It also involved researching off-the-shelf solutions for power, propulsion, etc., which was one main goal for this project. One final note, this aircraft will be an all electric solar powered high altitude, long endurance (HALE) aircraft.

Nextgen Aeronautics is a small company based out of Torrance, CA. They specialize in advanced solutions for flight vehicles. Probably their most famous is a morphing wing jet powered UAV with a wingspan of approximately 6 feet. 

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